Center for Transnational IP, Media and Technology Law and Policy

The Center for Transnational IP, Media and Technology Law and Policy at Bucerius Law School (please click here to see the members of the Center...) provides research and education geared to helping shape forward-looking solutions and policies that are consistent with the needs of the 21st century. Its aim is to raise awareness and understanding of global issues of Intellectual Property, Technology and Media Law and contribute to scholarship on critical issues of these laws, while also operating as an international forum that facilitates high-level exchanges among academics, government, industry, practitioners and public interest representatives. Consistent with the overall standards of the Bucerius Law School, the Center's programs strive to be innovative, internationally focused and of the highest academic quality.

Our programs include the Bucerius IP Lecture Series, and starting fall 2011 the DLA Piper IP Lecture Series, a series ongoing since 2009, features well-known legal scholars and practitioners in the Intellectual Property, Media and Technology Law fields and provides a forum for international exchange debate. We regularly invite academics and practitioners from abroad to host guest lectures. In addition, Bucerius Law School, in collaboration with the American Friends of Bucerius, a U.S. non-profit corporation, organizes practice-oriented lectures and discussions in the United States.

Mission Statement

Please click here for a download of our core ideas:

"Intellectual Property has gone global - Are law schools ready?" (pdf)

by Professor Dr. Dana Beldiman and Dr. Kristoff M. Ritlewski