Comparative Intellectual Property Law

(Course offered to Students in the  International Exchange Program)

The course introduces students to the main forms of Intellectual Property protection laws – patent, copyright, trademark, industrial design, geographical indications, their economic justifications, requirements for protection and scope of protection. The topics will be approached from a comparative perspective, highlighting, as relevant, aspects of Intellectual Property laws from the EU, the U.S., as well as some emerging countries.

A further focus of the course will be the interaction of national norms in the international Intellectual Property arena, including elements of TRIPS, the Berne and Paris Conventions, the Patent Cooperation Treaty and the Madrid System, as relevant to securing Intellectual Property rights internationally and to current developments in international Intellectual Property.

The course is taught by Professor Dr. Dana Beldiman (Bucerius Law School).

Copyright Law with International Relevance

(Course offered to  LL.B. Students)

The course familiarizes participants with basic Copyright Law terminology and specific international legal matters pertaining to Copyright Law. At the same time, the balance of interests undertaken by lawmakers and courts will be critically examined in light of the current debate relating to legitimizing Copyright Law on the internet.

Copyright Law is currently undergoing significant changes. The economic and technical conditions impacting creators, as well as user behavior are subject to ongoing change. Intellectual Property has become one of the main fields of interest to European internal market policy and is more than ever influenced by international treaties. The course offers an introduction to the basic terminology and principles of German and European Copyright Law and addresses the resulting international problems.

The course is taught by  Professor Dr. Axel Metzger (Leibniz Universität Hannover).

Global Trends in Intellectual Property and Digital Media Law

(Course offered to Students in the  International Exchange Program and to  LL.B. Students)

The course will examine some of the most important emerging developments on the fields of Intellectual Property and Online Law. Law and policy concerns will be discussed at national and international level. Specific topics covered might include Patent Law and global access to medicines; liability of online intermediaries for copyright and trademark infringement; the functionality limits of trademarks; use of international conventions to obtain Intellectual Property rights internationally; licensing of Intellectual Property rights.

The course is taught by Professor Dr. Dana Beldiman (Bucerius Law School).

Industrial Property Law with International Relevance

(Course offered to  LL.B. Students)

The objective of this course is to provide an overview over the Intellectual Property system and the individual forms of protection. It starts with a general introduction, followed by a discussion of the bases of Trademark, Design and Patent Law at a national level. European laws will then be approached on a comparative basis, with special treatment of the Community Trade Mark and the Community Design. The international treaty system under which individual rights exist will also be addressed. These concepts will be explained by means of several concrete examples of enforcement of patents and trademarks, with special emphasis on international enforcement and remedies.

The course is taught by  Yvonne Draheim and  Dr. Leopold von Gerlach (both Hogan Lovells International LLP).