Doctoral Program

The Center for Transnational IP, Media and Technology Law and Policy offers qualified applicants from Germany and other countries the opportunity to obtain doctoral degrees in accordance with the applicable regulations (pdf).

Doctoral candidates are required to take part in graduate educational programs at Bucerius Law School and to write a dissertation. The progress of the dissertation will be monitored by two academic supervisors, faculty members of Bucerius Law School or of partner universities.

Dissertations may be written in German or in English.

Requirements for Admission

The Bucerius Law School’s Regulation for Admission to the Doctoral Program, Section 4 (pdf) requires successful applicants to have completed any of the following, with well above average performance:

  • First state exam under German law, or
  • Master of Law and Business degree at Bucerius Law School, or
  • Magister Legum (LL.M.) program or equivalent.

Upon initial screening by Bucerius Law School, applications will be evaluated by the national German center for academic equivalency evaluation.

Application Procedure

The applicant should send the following:

  • 1.)  Dissertation topic proposal (approx. 1,000 words), and
  • 2.)  Letter requesting admission to the doctoral program (also requesting permission to write the dissertation in English and, optionally, waiver of German law course requirement (Paragraph 2(b) of Section 4 of the Regulation), and
  • 3.)  Copy of the diplomas attesting that the admission requirements have been satisfied (including grade report, as necessary), and
  • 4.)  Curriculum vitae, and
  • 5.)  Two letters of recommendation.


Applications or inquiries may be sent to:

Bucerius Law School
Center for Transnational IP, Media and Technology Law and Policy
Jungiusstrasse 6
20355 Hamburg

e-mail:  ipcenter(at)law-school(dot)de